Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home from the hospital at last....again....

Dear friends,

Our wonderful son Nicholas is finally at home from the hospital.  This hospitalization lasted 3 1/2 weeks.  The poor little guy had four neurosurgeries during that time, several CAT scans, and numerous other tests.

It all started with a fever of 103F, then his shunt started leaking CSF fluid.  His pediatrician sent us immediately to the ER, where his neurosurgeon, Dr. Pattisapu was waiting to escort us back to a room.  Two hours later, he was in surgery.

Christmas Eve and Christmas were spent in the PSCU at Arnold Palmer Hospital, but that's another story.

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  1. We were in the hospital with our oldest son last Christmas (Dec 2008). He's our son who has autism. They found a mass growing on his lungs. After determining that it wasn't cancer, they put him on mega antiibotics for 6 weeks, then he had lung surgery over Valentine's to have the mass removed. There's something about holidays that attract our familyto the hospital. Even my hubby made a trip over Easter. =) I'm glad your family is home and safe.